Establish A Culture of Competence
in State Government

First do no harm.

This is an oath all medical practitioners take as part of the responsibility and privilege of practicing medicine, and it’s an oath I believe all politicians should take. As an Emergency Physician and a small business owner, health is of paramount importance to me — the health of Washington State and all the people who live here.

As a child, I immigrated with my mother to the United States from Cuba. I grew up working hard and striving for the American Dream: freedom of speech, education, happiness, citizenship, and the opportunity to bring people together and make a profound difference in the world. As a college intern for Senator Bob Dole, I developed an appreciation for the freedoms we have in America and I focused on pursuing my dream of helping people. As a medical doctor since 1998, I’ve been privileged to work with people from all walks of life, across the entire country. I’ve practiced medicine in Miami, New York City, the Yakima Valley and the Tri-Cities. I’m serving on the front lines of COVID-19 right now, here in Washington.

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Do you feel like our current government representatives have your interests in mind? Are they working for you or against you? 

So why should you choose me, a doctor, to be the next Governor of Washington State? I need your vote so I can work for you, your family, your friends, and your community to promote a healthy and thriving state where citizens and businesses aren’t burdened by overreaching policies, laws and taxes. As a physician, I’ve seen first hand what these burdens do to people. I’m invested in the health of our state, our residents and our businesses. I want to fight for YOU.

Have they taken an oath to first do no harm?

As a non “career politician,” I can and will work for you! I’m asking for your vote, are you ready for a change?

~Dr. Raul Garcia

Chair: Sam Reed, Former Secretary of WA State
Co-Chair, Central WA: Curtis King, WA State Senator.  14th District
Co-Chair, Eastern WA: Mary Kuney, Spokane Co. Commissioner

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