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What is a Governor’s role in the State of Washington?

In a healthy, vibrant, growing state, the governor’s role is to ensure necessary resources, protection and safety to its residents and businesses, making responsible health, education, and fiscal decisions, and planning for the future, so even in natural disasters and pandemics, our frontline providers and essential workers are safe, according to Dr. Garcia. 

This is a win-win. A win for today and a win for tomorrow.

When people ask Dr. Garcia who he’s running against, the answer is easy. “I’m not running against anyone. I’m running for the residents and the businesses in the State of Washington. I’m running to prioritize you ahead of special interests. I’m running as a physician, a businessman, a husband and family man, and a resident of Washington State because Washington needs and deserves a governor who listens to the voters and considers the health, safety, unification and protection of Washington state today and in the future,” Dr. Garcia says.

Running a medical clinic with his wife Jessica, Raul and Jessica understand the value of working together to create mutual wins. “Compromise and respect are part of every successful relationship. We continually review our routines and how we can include best practices that are mutual wins for our patients, our office team and each other,” Dr. Garcia says.

Ways to get involved

Endorse Me

Whether you're an individual, a business, or part of a group that wants to support me, endorsing me is simple, free, and easy to do. Talk about me with your friends, your family, your neighbors and encourage them to endorse me too. An endorsement is simply a public declaration of your support for me as the next Governor of Washington State.


Elections aren't cheap and billionaires (or friends of billionaires) shouldn't be the only people who can run for office. Signs, Events, Buttons/Stickers, Flyers, Travel to and from Olympia and all the other campaign events-these things cost money. Without them, though, our message won't be seen or heard. No donation amount is too small, every $1 counts!
Your financial support will help get Dr. Garcia's message out there and elected as Governor.


Equally important to financial support, is the physical support volunteers provide. All of those buttons, stickers, flyers, etc, are useless without people helping get them out there to be seen. Do you like to talk on the phone? or Texting? We need phone bank callers/texters. Do you like to walk around and meet people? We need door knockers & block walkers. Do you have a fabulous space just perfect for hosting an event? Host an event for Dr. Garcia. Do you want to easily show your support? Display a Yard Sign. There are as many ways to help as you can think of.


Despite what you've heard, might think, or what you think you know, your vote matters. It matters to you, to your community, to the people running for office, and to everyone in Washington State and across America.
What happens in our state does impact other states, too. When it's time to vote, don't abdicate, don't stay at home and be sure to vote in every election possible. Get out and vote for someone who you can be certain it matters to.
Vote for Dr. Raul Garcia!
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