Hispanic Leaders Will Address COVID-19 Crisis Monday June 29th, 5:00 p.m. at Pasco Farmers Market

Media Release

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Mike Gonzalez, Sr Manager of Public Affairs

What? Hispanic leaders from across the state, Franklin PUD and the Benton-Franklin Health District have partnered to address the COVID-19 crisis affecting the Latino community in Benton and Franklin counties. The speakers will encourage people to wear masks, encourage social distancing and educate residents on the health risks of COVID-19.

When? Monday June 29th at 5:00 p.m.

Where? Pasco Farmers Market on 4th and Lewis in Pasco, Washington adjacent to Viera’s Bakery and across the Pasco Specialty Kitchen

Why?  Our goal is to encourage mask wearing & good social distancing practices in the Hispanic community. COVID-19 is spreading rapidly through the Hispanic community for various reasons. Many are essential workers, thousands are part of the agricultural industry and many come from large families where social distancing is a challenge. We are not blaming the Hispanic community for the spread. Everyone must do their part to defeat COVID-19.

Who will speak? Pasco Mayor Saul Martinez, Dr. Amy Person (BFHD), Dr. Raul Garcia (ER Doctor Lourdes) , Martin Valadez (TCHCC President) Gabriel Portugal (President DPDA) LBA, WA State Legislator Alex Ybarra, Ana Peralta (Pasco Community Leader)

What will be said? Leaders will ask people from the Hispanic community to wear masks, practice social distancing and educate them on the risks of COVID-19.

Will it be conducted in English and Spanish? Yes all speakers are bilingual and will speak in English and Spanish.

Will there be Q & A when press conference is over? Yes each speaker is available, except for Dr. Garcia, he has to leave for a scheduled engagement.

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